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Cycle Routes

  • Volunteers from Swindon BUG have signposted the three 7 mile leisure routes in Haydon Wick, West Swindon and Dorcan.   You can download a map of each route from http://www.swindontravelchoices.co.uk/walk/swindon-rounds.aspx
  • Swindon Borough Council has published a cycling map showing the cycle paths and tracks around the area.  The printed version is available for free from various locations, including the Tourist Information Centre, libraries and council offices.  You can also have a copy posted to your home or workplace by emailing your address to transportplanning@swindon.gov.uk.
  • The map is also online in a PDF format where you can download from the Swindon Travel Choices website
  • Swindon Travel Choices have developed a multi modal journey planner so you can plan a route and compare times, routes and calorie consumption in one easy step.  Visit the journey planner / interactive map at www.swindontravelchoices.co.uk/jplanner/
  • Cyclestreets is an on-line route planning facility that has just gone national.  Developed by cyclists for cyclists it is a very useful resource.  Why not give it a try today on some of the route you know and see how it shapes up. 
    http://swindon.cyclestreets.net/ will take you to the Swindon specific version.
  • Route planning, plotting and other such information also available at www.cycle-route.com, www.mapmyride.comwww.strava.com/ and www.bikely.com
  • For Sustrans routes along the National Cycle Network, please visit the Sustrans website at www.sustrans.org.uk .